The specially designed function allows you to manage prices and stocks in real-time, thus increasing efficiency of the warehouse work by 20% and reducing errors in the stock records. Barcodes and the modern data processing technology ensure all of the operations to be executed quickly and accurately. Each stock or price is reviewed and saved within a few seconds.

• Integration with the MS Dynamics AX system
• Installation of the program – scan the OR code and download the program
• Access rights management –authorization of domains, authorization of the AX user rights
• Structure/warehouse and price category selection
• Barcode scanning or manual input
• Overview of prices and stocks: name, measurement unit, balance, different price groups, discount criteria, addition of a description
• Editing of the list of the selected stocks
• Creating and sending a log to the central system – the list is available immediately after the work processes are completed
• Language selection

• License “Information on stocks”
• Integration with the central system
• Configuration works and 5 minutes of user training

• The costs of implementation depend on the technical specification

The application can be adapted to the needs of your company by adding various expansion modules or creating a design based on your preferences.

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