Easy Inventory Software for business

Fast Inventory Software for asset and product management on mobile device! Can be integrated with any IT and ERP systems and is developed for companies of various sectors – manufacturing, wholesale, warehouse, etc.

Advantages of mobile inventory

The function makes it possible to quickly carry out the inventory process of fixed assets and products in a single environment on mobile device – to scan a barcode without any additional device, to control the balance and quantity, to add a precise information on the condition of a fixed asset or product, and then – after the work is completed – to transfer the data back to the central system. Quickly, comfortably and easy!

  • It facilitates and automates the day-to-day work processes carried out by employees
  • Possibility to scan barcodes, reducing the risk of incorrect data entry by 99%
  • Monitoring of quantities and balances allows you to control the amount of goods, preventing formation of surplus stocks by 20 – 30 %
  • The inventory process of fixed assets and products can be performed by anyone after a 10-min training
  • The inventory list is automatically sent to the web and is available immediately after the inventory is completed.
  • Fast processing of requests and data exchange, it works 24/7

Complete inventory count via mobile application

Download the application and perform the inventory process more easily and accurately!


  • Open a prepared inventory list by using the ID or QR code from your e-mail.
  • Scan barcodes located on the inventory items, or enter the data manually.
  • Add information about the balance and condition of the items.
  • If an item is not included in the list, it is possible to add it manually and edit the data.
  • The information recorded during the inventory is automatically sent to the web page for further checking and processing of the data.
  • Offline mode – the data stored without an Internet connection is automatically sent to the web page when the Internet is available.

Mobile inventory

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