Working time planning portal

A solution for companies wishing to increase efficiency of the working time planning process and easily manage work schedules of their employees

Why should you choose the working time planning solution?

The solution provides the possibility to quickly and accurately record working time, to plan overtime and shifts, edit working time for a workplace, create access rights for users and individual structures, plan employee schedules and approve them in a real-time mode. The system is suitable for large group companies.

Linkage to the salary log

Integration with any ERP systems salary log in real-time.

Convenient management

The convenient and easy way to manage working time in a digital environment will reduce time consumption

Complies with the legislation

Data processing complies with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the GDPR regulation

Functionality of the working time planning portal

  • LINKAGE TO THE ERP SYSTEM – access to the salary log, editing of the responsible of a department, possibility to change workplaces
  • STRUCTURAL UNIT TREE – possibility to create and manage a three-level structural unit tree (structural unit, department, workplace)
  • PLANNING OF WORKING TIMES FOR WORKPLACES – possibility to specify working time of a specific workplace for a specific day or time period.
  • SCHEDULING OF WORKING HOURS FOR EMPLOYEES – possibility to schedule an employee at a specific workplace for a specific day or time period. Possibility to schedule working hours of an employee by using extended algorithms – if the employee cannot be scheduled on a specific day due to various reasons (eg, no working time is specified for the workplace or another employee is already scheduled), the algorithm schedules an employee at another workplace depending on the settings. Record-keeping on overtime and displaying. Possibility to create and print a work schedule for a department.
  • ABSENCE – possibility to create an absence directly from the web interface. The scheduled employee's working time is removed from the planner by entering the employee's absence and its duration. If the absence is deleted or cancelled, the system returns the employee's scheduled hours to their original state.
  • ENTERING OF THE ACTUAL HOURS WORKED BY EMPLOYEES. Possibility to indicate the hours actually worked by an employee on a given day. The hours are immediately transferred to AX and later used as the basis for salary calculation.
  • ANALYSIS – totals are available per workplaces and departments for the analysis during planning – budget (hours), budget (EUR), plan (EUR), fact (EUR), difference between the fact and the plan (EUR) etc. Data export and MS Excel.

In order to implement the solution you need

  • License “DLP”
  • Integration with ERP system
  • Configuration works and user training

The solution can be adapted to the needs of your company by adding various expansion modules or creating a design based on your preferences.

Improve the working time planning processes and provide your employee with a comfortable digital environment already today!

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