Business Process Automation

We offer transfer of business processes or their integration with the web. Integration of systems improves the inefficient business processes and reduces the manual workload in the enterprise.

Transfer of business processes or their integration with the web environment is essential for enterprises wishing to share data together in one place and effectively connect not only their internal systems but also the systems of their partners, suppliers and customers. Most integration projects begin with the need to automate various inefficient business processes in marketing, sales, logistics and manufacturing for a number of reasons, for example, in order to improve the transparency of projects and control over processes in real-time.


  • Development at lower cost and by using advanced technologies

  • Transfer of processes to the web environment reduces the volume of the manual work

  • No additional licenses required – programmed for one, used by all

  • The implementation process is faster, cheaper and more convenient, simultaneously ensuring high-speed performance of the system

  • Reduces the time spent for training of new employees

  • Modern interfaces – more satisfied users


Which business processes can be automated?


  • Transmission of data from the personnel management portal to the central system;
  • Transfer of data regarding the outstanding stocks to the customer sales portal;
  • Display of the depreciation and value of the fixed assets in the web environment;
  • Data transfer and preparation for the EDS system;
  • Execution of the receipt of the completed/planned invoices in the Edisoft and Telema system;
  • Display and transmission of payroll data to web interfaces;
  • Development of a solution for the acceptance of goods;
  • Receipt of data from the production line;
  • Application for leaves and transmission of the information to the web environment etc.


  • Sales control in the security post;
  • Working time planning portal: Planning of shifts and overtime for employees; Planning of working time in the web environment in Gantt charts; Export of personal data to and from Excel etc;
  • Acceptance and completion of the incoming cargoes in the web;
  • Viewing of the stocks on the mobile device;
  • Displaying of the analytical information regarding working time etc.

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