One of the integration projects of this year has been completed and transferred to the customer – integration of the cash register system Resico with the company management system in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Integration of the cash register system with the company internal systems, such as the ERP system, or different warehousing programs is one of the most important projects in companies that helps to automate order-making processes and both reduces the amount of manual work and saves the seller’s time.

Thanks to the successful cooperation between the customer, the cash register system provider IBSC Latvia and our team, the integration project was implemented quickly and without any technical problems.

What are the advantages of integrating the cash register system with the ERP system in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

  • Compliance with legislation – the technical requirements defined by the SRS are met.
  • Perfect transaction receipt with names of products or services and details of the customer.
  • Complete sales information – what, to whom, for what amount is sold.
  • Online integration– the Dynamics AX system sends data to the cash register and when ordering at the cash desk, all the data is automatically sent to the Dynamics AX system, resulting in the transaction information being entered into accounts immediately.
  • Managers can immediately forecast commodity turnover and plan deliveries. The system shows if the goods shelves will soon be empty. There is no 24 h delay in information transfer.
  • Sellers do not require additional MS Dynamics AX licenses.
  • When entering an amount in the cash register, it automatically appears in the terminal– no need to re-enter it manually!
  • Possibility to check the gift card balance through the cash register.
  • Simpler keeping of stock accounts.
  • The more stores, the more profitable it is – programmed for one, usable for several! Possibility to use the same code and communication channel.

If you would like to know more about the integration of RESICO or other certified cash register systems with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX, contact us!, +37120018496